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nanoMSC® Stabilized Stem Cell Bioactive Peptides

        Stem cells secrete a rich mixture of bioactive factors that provide critical functions in cellular repair, tissue regeneration, and immune modulation. As a result, stem cell factors have been demonstrated to be beneficial in applications such as therapeutics, wound healing, anti-aging, consumer beauty and aesthetics.

        However, these highly active bioactive factors, mainly, growth factors, cytokines, peptides, and exosomes are ephemeral and unstable, prone to degrade and lose activity with a short half-life (typically minutes to hours), thus prohibits their practical use in topical formulations that often require long-term storage in ambient conditions. 

        At RESPERA, we developed proprietary stabilization technology that retains the bioactivity of stem cell factors for long durations, with data showing growth factors remain > 95% active at room temperatures after 3 years (analyzed by ELISA).

        The sterile and stabilized stem cell factors, trademarked nanoMSC®, have been successfully incorporated into multiple premium skincare and hair care formulations with proven clinical results. We offer nanoMSC® aqueous solutions in various aliquots. Stem cell culture QA/QC release report, Certificate of Analysis (CoA), Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS), and Microbiology Testing Reports are available. Lipid nano-formulation of nanoMSC® is also available to further enhance the retention of these powerful anti-aging ingredients for more efficient absorption.

Premium Brands Powered by nanoMSC®

Belle Soufleurir

Belle Soufleurir RESPERA
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