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STEMIRA Professional Hair & Scalp Care Series

Coming to the US, Taiwan, Singapore, and China in 2023

STEMIRA Bkg REV 2023-02-20-A #003.jpg
Harnessing the revitalizing potential of follicular stem cell technology, STEMIRA Hair Boosting Essence and Hair Boosting Essence PRO are enriched with regenerative and reparative bioactive oligopeptides nanoMSC® to help rejuvenate and strengthen hair. These advanced topical formulations are designed to work synergistically with our cutting-edge nanoJET™ professional treatments and post-procedural home care to promote scalp health and prevent hair loss. 

STEMIRA Hair Boosting Serum 75 ml A4 Poster 2023 #001.jpg
STEMIRA Hair Boosting Serum PRO A4 Poster 2023 #003.jpg
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