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Bringing Regenerative Technologies to Medical Aesthetics

RESPERA brings the latest breakthrough in regenerative science to professional skincare, hair/scalp care, and anti-aging. Through decades of research, we have identified and harvested the bioactive factors derived from therapeutic stem cells. RESPERA products incorporate concentrated and stabilized stem cell factors that have been clinically proven to deliver unparalleled restorative and rejuvenating results. 

Scientists know that the key to restoring youth lies in stem cells. While many products claim to use stem cell technology, in actuality the stem cell factors are either derived from plant extracts – which do not address human tissue regeneration – or are collected from dubious sources. At RESPERA, we harvest and select the factors from the same clinical-grade stem cells used in approved cell therapy trials to ensure safety and efficacy.


The proprietary blend of active ingredients in nanoMSC® consists of an array of peptides derived from these stem cells to work in harmony. This peptide blends have been shown to stimulate tissue repair and renewal. This powerhouse blend of stem cell factors promotes a wealth of cellular mechanisms for repair, and ultimately restore youth and beauty to aged and damaged skin.

The RESPERA lines of regenerative, anti-aging products are designed for use after cosmetic procedures such as physical/chemical peeling, microsurgery, and laser resurfacing. The products help to accelerate recovery, speed the skin’s repair response, minimize complications, and alleviate post-procedure discomfort and signs of inflammation. Used as part of a daily skincare regimen, the collection provides powerful rejuvenating effects - reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles and restoring youthful radiance to the skin.

Our Vision

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Scalp/Hair Care

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Cell-Free Regenerative Technology

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